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Life isn't a dress rehearsal

If you’re new to dating or even if you’ve been out there for some time, you’ll know that finding that special person can be fun but also rather daunting and challenging. You need resilience, a strong sense of who you are and an even stronger sense of what you need to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship.

It’s estimated that 15 million people in the UK are currently single. Yet half of these people ARE looking for long-term relationships and nearly three quarters of them have not had a relationship for 18 months. This shows that there are a lot of people out there waiting to meet that special person.

Build on the 6 Phases of Attraction

My own research and experience working with singles as clients has helped me develop Inspire’s unique 6 Phases of Attraction formula


Physical Interest


Core Values



Focusing on each of these phases helps you understand the process of both finding and attracting the right partner. Why not see if I can help you raise your dating game?

What we will focus on

Dating can sometimes be a tough path to navigate. But when you know the way, it can also be a life-changing, fun and exciting experience. As part of the Inspire Dating Programme, we’ll focus on 10 key aspects of Dating that will help you develop a powerful dating mindset to transform your approach, improve your dating game and harness your most attractive qualities to help you find love and happiness.   


How to bring your strong A-Game to the date with a positive, upbeat mental attitude.


How to recognise and harness the positive qualities that set you apart as a truly special catch.


How to create attraction by being able to confidently express who you are and what you offer.


How to deal with pre-date nerves to approach every date in an attractive, confident mood.


How to maintain resilience as you face the more challenging aspects of looking for the right person.  


Understand what it is and what it isn’t that actually makes you happy.


Silence the inner-critic that is always there nibbling away at your confidence.


Develop the skills that enable you to say YES when it’s appropriate and NO when it isn’t.


Be comfortable in being able to forgive yourself and other people when things don’t go to plan.


Learn how to break the cycle of negative habits which hold you back and make you sad.

Free Resources

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For a limited period of time and dependent on availability, I am offering new clients a FREE 60 minute call. This will give us an opportunity to understand what’s behind your anxiety and determine whether coaching is a suitable option for helping you adopt a more relaxed and resilient approach to life. 

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  • How to cut down on triggers
  • How to use motion to change emotion
  • How to leverage positivity
  • How to find extra help

What my clients say

Confidence and Relationships Coaching

"Working with Sarah has been an extremely enriching journey."

"I decided to come to coaching to learn how to move on from toxic relationships as I tend to easily get caught in them. Working with Sarah has been an extremely enriching journey. She is kind, supportive, friendly and extremely professional with solutions suited to my particular life journey. I cannot thank Sarah enough for helping me find inner peace and reassurance. I would advise anybody who wishes to work with Sarah to be as truthful and honest as possible, so that Sarah can help you discover your deeper personal truth, your meaning and your potential to make a positive difference to the world and your own life through little everyday actions."
Anastasia Tcherepanova (Israel)
Confidence and Relationships Coaching Client

Confidence Coaching

"I would advise anyone considering working with Sarah to not think twice. She will help and support you."

"I came to see Sarah as I wanted help with feelings of helplessness and disappointment and I wanted to achieve success in my life. Sarah was great and very supportive. She helped me to see the positives in my perceived failures and how I could turn them into motives for success. Sarah puts you at ease and lets you tell your story without any judgment. Working with Sarah was a great experience. I would advise anyone considering working with Sarah to not think twice. She will help and support you."
Rasha Fayez (Kuwait)
Confidence Coaching Client