Client Feedback

James Aitken (UK)
Career Development

Career Development

"I felt extremely confident in the interview processes that I went into from Sarah's help and advice."

"I was looking for some guidance in terms of where my career currently was and I found Sarah's advice helpful in this regard, looking at it with some perspective and also from different points of view. I found it really useful to talk about my career and particularly the current role that I was in with Sarah, which enabled me to express a lot of my concerns and worries. We were able to have a very open. honest and frank discussion and it was incredibly useful to have Sarah's input and advice from her time and experience.

Life, Confidence and Careers Coaching

"I can't believe how far I've come."

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year. When I started my coaching in January, I was completely lost. I lacked confidence and just didn't know what path was for me. When I look back, I can't believe how far I've come and this is just the beginning. So thank you Sarah for freeing me of doubt, insecurity and negativity. Thank you for giving me the courage to pursue my dreams." 
Jessica McAlister (UK)
Life Coaching Client

Career Coaching

"Sarah gave me so much confidence. I would recommend her to anyone."

"I went to Sarah for some career coaching and LinkedIn advice after being put at risk of redundancy. Sarah was amazing. She worked with me to update my CV and empower me to not only understand my skillset but to see how it could be flexible and adaptable across all sectors. The results from my CV are amazing now. Sarah also gave me advice on how to set up LinkedIn for the right audience. I engaged Sarah because I couldn't just sit there and not do anything. I had to put myself in the best position with careers advice to get myself positioned out there for new employment opportunities. Sarah is great. She gave me so much confidence. I would recommend her to anyone."
Nicola Copping (UK)
Career Coaching Client

Life Coaching

"Working with Sarah has been a great experience..."

"I decided to see Sarah as I felt that my life had become stale and that, looking back through recent years, nothing had changed in what I had to show as achievements and in the way I approached things. Working with Sarah has been such a great experience. I've found her very easy to talk to and to be totally honest with, with no judgment. This has helped to reassure me in matters that sometimes have been of a sensitive nature. Sarah also made me feel that I'm not alone with the way I am and very much like other people. Since working with Sarah I've become more aware of how I used to approach things and how that was not helping me in everyday life. And now I have the tools to go out and change them. I'm now trying to plan my life and do things that will benefit me and help me achieve my goals, whether that be a vision board, affirmations, gym plan, less procrastination and trying not to compare myself to other people. I would say to anyone who was unsure about working with Sarah - what have you got to lose? If you don't change anything you will get the same results! I think Sarah is very knowledgeable and has a number of ways she can tap into things she can provide that can assist you in what you're looking to achieve."
Anthony Lister
Life Coaching Client

Life Coaching

"Sarah was consistently supportive and patient. I can't recommend her enough!!!"

"Sarah has been a wonderful Life Coach!!! She’s always thoughtful and even sends me articles and audio clips for better sleep/meditation, power poses, and more. She’s very organized, caring, non-judgmental and an excellent listener. She’s always sharing ideas to help me achieve my goals. Even during a major family emergency, Sarah was consistently supportive and patient. Sarah gives me ‘Homework Assignments’ to help me focus and work on solving my problems. I can’t recommend her enough!!!”
Jackie Eco (Los Angeles)
Life Coaching Client

Confidence Coaching

"I would advise anyone considering working with Sarah to not think twice. She will help and support you."

"I came to see Sarah as I wanted help with feelings of helplessness and disappointment and I wanted to achieve success in my life. Sarah was great and very supportive. She helped me to see the positives in my perceived failures and how I could turn them into motives for success. Sarah puts you at ease and lets you tell your story without any judgment. Working with Sarah was a great experience. I would advise anyone considering working with Sarah to not think twice. She will help and support you."
Rasha Fayez (Kuwait)
Confidence Coaching Client

Confidence and Relationships Coaching

"Working with Sarah has been an extremely enriching journey."

"I decided to come to coaching to learn how to move on from toxic relationships as I tend to easily get caught in them. Working with Sarah has been an extremely enriching journey. She is kind, supportive, friendly and extremely professional with solutions suited to my particular life journey. I cannot thank Sarah enough for helping me find inner peace and reassurance. I would advise anybody who wishes to work with Sarah to be as truthful and honest as possible, so that Sarah can help you discover your deeper personal truth, your meaning and your potential to make a positive difference to the world and your own life through little everyday actions."
Anastasia Tcherepanova (Israel)
Confidence and Relationships Coaching Client

Image and Style

"Brilliant, wise and so patient."

"Sarah, thank you SO much for my mammoth style session last Friday. It was amazing! You were brilliant, wise and so patient with my 'interesting' wardrobe. Couldn't have asked for anybody lovelier to put up with me during the session. Thank you for giving me a new outlook towards my body shape and wardrobe. xxx. "
Amy Hollingsworth (UK)
Image and Style Client

Image and Style: Colour Analysis

"I would definitely recommend Sarah and totally loved the whole experience."

"I went to see Sarah for a Colour Analysis in June 2022. She has a very warm and friendly personality and made the whole experience fun. I discovered lots of new colours (having previously "had my colours done" 20 years ago) - and really enjoyed having the make-up done too. Sarah checked in with me every step of the way during the process to make sure I understood everything and invited me to experiment with different lipsticks. The surroundings were very comfortable with lots of natural light. I would definitely recommend Sarah and totally loved the whole experience. I will be back again soon to have my Style Analysis done."
Theresa Arnold
Image and Style Coaching
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