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At work, in relationships or just for life in general, sometimes we all need a little help to get things straight in our minds so we can be clear about the right next steps. I’m Sarah Ventris and I have been working for more than ten years as a Careers Advisor, Life and Confidence Coach, Image Consultant and Dating guru. I have a unique approach to coaching which has helped me carve out a niche as THE coach for helping my clients tap into the unique qualities that already make them amazing.

The most important investment in your life

Listen carefully, because here’s the most important realisation you can make in your life. It’s, quite literally. all about YOU. At work, in relationships or just for life in general, sometimes we all need a little help to get things straight in our minds so we can be clear about the right next steps. I’m Sarah Ventris and I have been working for more than ten years as a Careers Advisor, Life Coach, Image Consultant and Dating guru. I have a unique approach to Life Coaching which is focused entirely on helping YOU tap into the unique qualities that make YOU amazing.

Career and Goals

Whether you’ve just finished gaining qualifications, or you’ve been out of work for a period of time, or even if you’ve been in work for years… the idea that you can take charge of your career is one of the most important realisations you can make. In fact, there are very few realisations that can have a bigger impact on your life.

Accelerate My Career

Life and Confidence

There are three reasons people lack confidence. When you understand them, it’s possible to develop your own unique ‘confidence building blocks’, create a more balanced set of viewpoints and develop a more positive and effective belief system.

Ignite My Confidence

Image and Style

How you see and feel about yourself will have a dramatic effect on every aspect of your life. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, everything just seems to flow a little bit easier. 

Harness My Natural Attributes

Relationships and Dating

If you’re new to dating or even if you’ve been out there for some time, you’ll know that finding that special person can be fun but also rather daunting and challenging. You need resilience, a strong sense of who you are and an even stronger sense of what you need to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship.

Supercharge My Dating


Let's start with two simple questions

1) What do you want to improve?


If you love your job, you can love your life. Harness your strengths, maximise your potential and gather your resources to accelerate a career that suits who you are.


Unleash your untapped confidence and be the person you were born to be. Explore your authentic self and discover a more resilient approach to life.


Tap into the areas of your life where you do already have motivation. Learn how to apply these principles to your work and social life.


You only have one life. Working together, we can discover your passion and purpose and build a roadmap that gives you direction and ends in massive achievement. 


Whether it’s at home or at work, maintaining good relationships is an essential component of your happiness. Let’s improve your ability to make deep and meaningful connections.

2) What is holding you back?


Move on from the ongoing cycle of just coping, and level-up your life with proven strategies for reduced stress, greater resilience and more happiness.


According to the data, 95% of us procrastinate, but it’s relatively easy to turn inaction into constructive action with the right strategies and approach. 

Fear / Insecurity

We all have negative thoughts but when the majority of your thinking is pointed towards the negative


When stress overwhelms you can mask your ability to navigate your world can become blinkered with the right tools you can find peace, balance and get your power back.


Depression is a debilitating condition that keeps you in a very dark place. By working together to uncover the belief systems behind the situation you can learn to be free and love life again.

Feedback from clients

Life Coaching

“Sarah really empowered me to understand where I was not helping myself. She gave me the strength to move forward with some specific goals, and supported me all the way through. I’m now in a much better place. Sarah helped me to realise that I had all the resources within me. While I just needed to take the next steps, Sarah helped to guide me through them and kept me on track. I know I’ve improved as a person and I’d recommend Sarah without a doubt.”

Life Coaching client
Stacey, Hullbridge, Essex

Career Progression

“No question, I was feeling pretty low when I arranged to see Sarah. I’d been in the same job for years and hadn’t needed to get out there and sell myself for a long time. Sarah not only helped me with my fears, but also showed me exactly how my skills could be used in a different role that was much more in tune with where i wanted to go. Sarah is really passionate about what she does and is great at putting people at ease, before setting them on the path to success. Loved it!”

Career Progression
Jason, Chelmsford, Essex

Confidence Programme

“I came to see Sarah as I was having trouble with confidence and wanted to improve my life. I am easily overwhelmed and Sarah helped me to see my situation from a new perspective and helped to shift some of the barriers and belief systems that were holding me back. We started by breaking everything down into smaller steps and if I fell off the wagon then she was there to help me get right back where I needed to be. Sarah helped to believe in myself again and I want to say a massive thank you to her for helping me improve my confidence and find the courage to live the life I want to live.”

Confidence Programme
Martin, Leigh-on-sea, Essex

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a  collaborative process that helps you connect to you, your wisdom and take action to create the life you really want. You will move quicker from A to B with a coach to help you to navigate the pathway to get there. Coaching is confidential & non-judgemental

Absolutely yes if you are willing to do the work. Coaching is a collaboration and it relies on the fact that you have all the resources inside of you.  My transformational coaching helps you to access those resources and move forward.  It’s important to remember that action changes things and if you don’t choose to follow my guidance then nothing will change for you. Nothing changes if you change nothing.  Also, honesty is key in a coaching relationship as it is in the success of any relationship. To get the most out of our sessions its imperative that you can open up and discuss your worries, problems and concerns.

Are you open to being challenged? Coaching although supportive isn’t always comfortable sometimes you need someone to encourage you to take steps for your own growth.

Are you willing to do the work?  I set growth assignments which are always agreed with clients to ensure that the growth continues to happen in between sessions.

Therapy traditionally focuses on the past and present. Coaching concentrates on where you are now and where you want to be in the future. We may visit the past briefly but it will not be the main focus of our sessions. Having said that, I also help shift deep seated beliefs which are not serving you which may come from past issues but we won’t dwell there for long. There is no hierarchy in the coaching relationship like there is in therapy. It is a relationship of equals that assumes that you have all the resources you need you just need the right questions to access them. Coaching also isn’t an advice giving service but instead guides you to tap into your own inner wisdom which you will be more likely and motivated to follow. Occasionally if there is an area of expertise then with the clients permission advice may be offered.

I have a number of packages which will be customised to suit you and your needs specifically. Its difficult to estimate how long you will need to come for without having a conversation about your current situation and what you want to achieve.  I also offer a free no obligation discovery session.

Every coaching programme begins with a free in 1 hour session that allows both of us to establish if the chemistry is right. I offer in person and virtual sessions. The duration of each session is 90 minutes and I set growth assignments to keep you on track in between sessions. I am also contactable in between sessions for queries and successes via email and whatsApp.

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If you change your mind, you can change your life