Take Charge of Your Career

Invest in your happiness and take a big step towards a more meaningful life

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Life isn't a dress rehearsal

It will probably make sense and yet still be a surprise when you see these numbers. But according to a report by Investors in People published in HR Magazine, 6 in 10 people are unhappy in their work. If you’re one of those 60%, it means spending the greatest part of your life doing something you just don’t enjoy or that isn’t fulfilling your needs in other ways. 

  • Nearly half cited lack of job satisfaction as a reason
  • 44% referenced pay as the primary concern
  • 30% pointed to not being valued by the leadership team  

Love what you do

If you are like many people who aren’t fulfilled in their job and career, it will likely spill over into other areas of your life, impacting your ability to relax, affecting your confidence, disturbing your sleep and sometimes hurting the people around you that we care about.

Invest in Your Happiness

We only live once. Life’s too short to spend significant amounts of time unhappy, unmotivated or unfulfilled. This is why an investment in your career can be on one of the best steps you’ll ever take.

Take Charge of Your Career

Whether you’ve just finished gaining qualifications, or you’ve been out of work for a period of time, or even if you’ve been in work for years… the decision to take charge of your career is one of the most important decisions you can make. In fact, there are very few decisions that can have a bigger impact on your life.

Scale new heights

Hi, I’m Sarah and, for ten years, I have been helping people from all over the world to understand themselves, develop their confidence and build resilience in a tough and changing world.

As a qualified Careers AdviserNLP Practitioner and Life Coach, I am trained to ask questions that get to the heart of what’s important to you, unearth your talents, tap into what makes you highly attractive as an employee, and map these to opportunities in the workplace. As an impartial and unbiased supporter and guide, I can help you navigate the sea of career options and capture your transferable skills.

While I’m now able to spend my time doing something I’m truly passionate about, I’ve been there myself. Many times. And I get it 100%. Being able to spend your time growing your confidence, pushing yourself to new heights, doing something you love and building your dreams is everything. And the pay-offs for taking the leap are simply off-the-charts.

Here's what we'll focus on

As part of the Inspire Career Programme, we focus on developing 10 key aspects of career transformation that drives results so that you can live the life you want to live.


Develop a mindset that sets you up for success when making major life-changing decisions.


Understand what it is and what it isn’t that actually makes you happy at work.


Understand exactly what type of job, role, industry and career is best suited to you.


Learn how to convert negative, limiting beliefs into positive thoughts and actions.  


Tap into a belief system that gives you greater clarity and more relaxed perspectives.


Learn how to capture and leverage your value to market your unique skills more effectively.


Maximise your negotiating position to drive up your earning potential.


Build a strategy to set you apart in any and every competitive hiring process.


Focus on how to present the best version of yourself to create a great first impression.


Understand how to work effectively with modern Application Tracking Systems.

Free Resources

TWO Simple Things You Can Do TODAY

1) Book in for a FREE 60 minute coaching session

For a limited period of time and dependent on availability, I am offering new clients a FREE 60 minute call. This will give us an opportunity to understand what’s behind your anxiety and determine whether coaching is a suitable option for helping you adopt a more relaxed and resilient approach to life. 

Online and In-person slots both currently available.
In-person sessions are in Rayleigh, Essex by appointment only.

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  • How to abandon your inner critic
  • How to use breathing to reduce anxiety
  • How to make changes
  • How to cut down on triggers
  • How to use motion to change emotion
  • How to leverage positivity
  • How to find extra help

What my clients say

"I felt extremely confident in the interview processes that I went into from Sarah's help and advice."

"I was looking for some guidance in terms of where my career currently was and I found Sarah's advice helpful in this regard, looking at it with some perspective and also from different points of view. I found it really useful to talk about my career and particularly the current role that I was in with Sarah, which enabled me to express a lot of my concerns and worries. We were able to have a very open. honest and frank discussion and it was incredibly useful to have Sarah's input and advice from her time and experience.
James Aitken (UK)
Inspire Coaching Client

"Sarah gave me so much confidence. I would recommend her to anyone."

"I went to Sarah for some career coaching and LinkedIn advice after being put at risk of redundancy. Sarah was amazing. She worked with me to update my CV and empower me to not only understand my skillset but to see how it could be flexible and adaptable across all sectors. The results from my CV are amazing now. Sarah also gave me advice on how to set up LinkedIn for the right audience. I engaged Sarah because I couldn't just sit there and not do anything. I had to put myself in the best position with careers advice to get myself positioned out there for new employment opportunities. Sarah is great. She gave me so much confidence. I would recommend her to anyone."
Nicola Copping (UK)
Inspire Coaching Client